Use your toys together in the way that they were intended for maximum pleasure...
Once you have a toy, you’ll want to start straight away. But it’s best to check that it suits you and your partner, fulfilling your needs during lovemaking. You’d be amazed at the amount of different materials sex toys can be made from. A great material is silicone. It warms to body temperature and is safe to use. Durex Sensual Bliss, for example, has a velvet soft touch for maximum pleasure all over your body.


Designed for pleasure

Next we’ll get straight to the point. If your toy is shaped to fit perfectly into a special area, don’t place it anywhere else. Sex toys are designed to fit and pleasure the most intricate parts of your body. A vibrator such as Durex Extreme Thrill is made with two ‘rabbit’ ears to stimulate both clitoris and G spot.


It’s best to check that the toy suits you and your partner, fulfilling your needs during lovemaking

Bullet vibes such as the all-over pleasure of Durex Sensual Bliss are effective on the outside of the body, but it’s best not to insert them. Full vibrators such as sensual, streamlined Durex Real Pleasure are ideal for this instead. Just make sure you can grip yours tightly enough, and don’t use them if you think they’re too large.


Use lubricants with your toys – Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels are ideal. This sensational two-gels-in-one is designed to share. While silky, sexy Durex Play Feel is made with enhanced sensation in mind.


Using these lubes will allow your toys to have maximum sensual effect.