Choosing your first toy can get complicated...
Toys are an increasingly common part of people's sex lives nowadays but when it comes to choosing your first one, the choice can be intimidating, even if you already know the safety guidelines. These tips will help make choosing your first toy easier.



Some people like vibration. Others find the sensation unusual at first but grow to love it and some people find it leaves them cold. Until you test it out you won't know which category you fit into. However, it's worth starting with a gentle vibe as the more intense ones can be a shock to the system at first.


A basic bullet vibe is a great beginner's toy. Start with it on the mildest setting. If it feels too tingly, put your hand underneath it, or use it over the top of a sheet. If you'd rather have more buzz, just turn it up.



Choose a size that doesn't seem too intimidating. Generally, a toy will have less give than a penis so don't be surprised if a toy the same size as your partner (if you have one) feels too big.


If it feels too tingly, put your hand underneath it, or use it over the top of a sheet.


Toys can be powered by batteries, charge through the mains or even solar powered. Check how a toy is powered before purchasing so you don't get stuck with a toy that uses hard-to-find battery sizes.



It's normal to be shy about using a toy, particularly if you're new to it. Picking a quiet toy can help make it less embarrassing. There are lots of non-threatening erotic boutiques around nowadays, so you can test the volume of the toy (and don't worry, the shop assistants won't judge you at all. They work at a sex shop, after all...)