The array of different toys can lead you into new areas of untapped pleasure
Toys aren’t just for use on their own. With a partner, they can take you on a journey of pleasure.


Enhanced foreplay, with a whole new world of sensations, can be experienced by introducing them into your lovemaking.


Massagers are a good way to start, offering gentle, all-over pleasure. The curving velvet touch design of Durex Sensual Bliss gently massages as it glides across the body. Durex Pure Bliss, with its gently pulsing patterns, offers heightened sensation.


Deeper sensation

Toys can be shared in a loving way. There are vibrators for those new to using them, through to those designed for people with more experience. Sexy, streamlined Durex Real Pleasure has different speeds so that you can modulate your pleasure. Alternatively, Durex Ultimate Pleasure is elegantly designed nfor deeper sensation. Or, if you want to stimulate both clitoris and G spot, Durex Extreme Thrill offers incredible stimulation, while Durex Ultimate Thrill will ignite your passion. Both have vibrating external rabbit ears to enhance what you feel.


Use sensual Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels with these toys. You have one ‘For Me’ that’s silky and warming, another ‘For You’ to arouse and tingle: brought together they offer an amazing experience for both of you. Or share Durex Play Feel. In a survey with Cosmopolitan magazine, 89% of those asked said this lubricant had made sex more pleasurable.*


Quivering pleasure

Rubber or silicone rings help trap blood in the penis, increasing the strength and duration of a man's erection. Sophisticated designs vibrate, such as satisfying Durex Play Vibrations with its quivering pleasure, or multi-speed Durex Play Little Devil, a premium, vibrating ring that excites and provides new sensations.


And take your pleasure a step further. When slipped over the finger, Durex Play Touch brings extra, intense sensuality. Experience it on your own or with a lover, and use it on men as well as women. Stroke your finger all over to add new sensations.