When it comes to sex, this is the one instance where you don't want to finish first. When it comes to lasting longer in the bedroom, most couples may view condoms as a barrier between them and their partner; but it doesn't have to be. Mutual climax condoms are great for enhancing performance, decreasing sensation to the penis while making sex more pleasurable between you and your partner.


What are mutual climax condoms?

Designed to speed her up, while slowing you down; mutual climax condoms are perfect for couples who want to experience an intense sensation together. In a variety of textures and designs, these condoms provide a pleasurable experience to help you and your partner reach a level of arousal that is mutually beneficial.


Designed to speed her up, while slowing you down; mutual climax condoms are perfect for couples who want to experience an intense sensation together.

How do we benefit from them?

Mutual climax condoms contain a numbing agent called Benzocaine inside the condom to help delay his climax and prolong excitement for longer-lasting pleasure.
Extra lube aids in decreasing vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort, helping sex become more pleasurable between you and your partner. Try Durex Play O lube to help achieve more of an intense orgasm.

How to increase your chances of orgasming together:


Choose the right position

Certain positions like woman on top or doggy-style are more likely to stimulate the front of the vaginal wall, increasing both you and your partner chances for a penetrative orgasm. These positions are not only great for giving your partner clitoral stimulation, the act of thrusting in a fast rhythm triggers off an orgasmic reflex. Durex Invisible condoms work perfectly to help maximise sensitivity while providing you both the ultimate pleasure.


Switch stimulation regularly

This not only allows you and your partner to slowly work your way up towards a climax, it stops sex becoming too orgasm focused. Changing positions, moods or even adding some music can keep things hot and sexy while helping you maintain a level of control.


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Mutual Masturbation

A great way for reaching shared orgasm is through mutual masturbating. Have your partner simultaneously match your pace as you both move through the various waves of pleasure. As you get closer to achieving an orgasm, slow down the process and speed it back up until you can't bear it any longer.



Telling your partner what you're feeling is a great way of alerting each other on what works and what doesn't. During lovemaking, non-verbal communication can be just as powerful as your words. Try a mix of verbal and non-verbal cues to let your partner know exactly what you enjoy and why. Be specific with your words and your touch for an orgasm that will slowly rock you both to climax.


Try a vibrator

Looking for something to get the two of you there quicker? Add a vibrator. Start on a slow setting and use the tip to circle different areas of each other's body that you want to explore. Alternate between the vibrator and your lips to ensure a shared orgasm for a pleasurable experience.