Like picking the perfect menu at a romantic meal, choosing the right condom will set the tone...
Set the mood

Focus on the right playlist, or special underwear for a night of passion – the perfect atmosphere depends on such details. But also choose your perfect condom from a range of great Durex products designed for lovemaking.


For a longer night

You've lit candles, put on that expensive aftershave or perfume, and you're ready for a night that really lasts. So condoms that help prolong your enjoyment are the perfect choice. Durex Extended Pleasure uses a special lube called Performa that’s designed to delay climax. You could also try Durex Mutual Climax – these also include Performa, but with the added bonus that they're ribbed and dotted for her stimulation too.*


Pampering your partner

It doesn't have to be their birthday for you to give them a treat. Sometimes it's nice to spend an evening focusing purely on your partner's pleasure, for no other reason than you want to! If you're planning a special evening, try Durex Excite Me with raised dots, or Durex Tickle Me condom with straight walls for a close fit and ribs for a more intense experience. Twinned with a lube like Durex Play Warming, this should really raise the temperature.


If it's his turn to be treated, Durex Intimate Feel is a great choice. They're as safe as standard Durex condoms, but thinner with extra lubrication for a smooth feel. Alternatively, Durex Ultra Thin Feel are designed to fit like a second skin, meaning his only focus will be on what you're doing.


Aiming for intimacy

One of the hottest things is the closeness with your partner – the sizzling intimacy when you feel your partner's body right up against yours. If you've been apart for a while and crave that feeling of togetherness, you can enhance the connection with Intimate Feel. These condoms are extra fine, with more lubrication than standard Durex condoms. You can feel every contour, movement and shiver.


Meanwhile for those sensitive to latex, there’s Durex Latex Free. Suitable for people who have, or think they may have an allergy to natural rubber latex proteins, these condoms are made from non-natural rubber

latex synthetic polyisoprene.**


When you crave that feeling of togetherness, enhance the connection with Intimate Feel.

Rush of desire

Sex isn't always about long, lingering looks and hours of build-up. Whether you're relaxing on the sofa or getting home after a night out, sometimes you just want to tumble into bed. What is more exciting than that rush of desire? For those times, choose Durex Extra Safe, designed for peace of mind while enjoying the pleasure it brings you.


*Contains 5% Benzocaine – always read the instructions.

** Tests show that Durex Latex Free condoms have minimal potential for induced delayed hypersensitivity


(also called “Type IV allergy” and allergic contact dermatitis”). Some people who are sensitive to latex

may also have sensitivity to these condoms. If you experience irritation or have any allergic reaction, stop using them and see a doctor.