Enjoy togetherness with the use of lubricants and love.
If you want to take your time, and ensure it lasts, certain gels can make contact with your partner even more pleasurable.


Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels are designed for the two of you. There’s a silky, warming lubricant ‘For Me’, and an arousing, tingling lubricant ‘For You’. When combined they create an amazing reaction that you can savour together.


Meanwhile, Durex Play Perfect Glide is perfect for intense, passionate contact – although it’s not recommended for use with a toy such as sensual Durex Endless Touch. Smooth and silky Durex PlaySensual Massage 2 in 1 with the scent of the delicate, intense Ylang Ylang flower can enhance your love making by building sensation through touch and aroma.


Gels can make contact with your partner even more pleasurable

Hands enhance pleasure

You can also enjoy the feeling of massage. When using your hands to enhance pleasure, a sensual gel will build the experience. Try sweet Durex Play Strawberry or exotic Durex Play Very Cherry and enjoy a deliciously intimate experience.


For a different sensation, try cooling, tingling Durex Play O, the gentle heat of Durex PlayWarming or the silky, zinging Durex Play Tingle. Enjoy the feeling on your skin as you rub all over before interlocking with your partner.