This summer, the weather isn't the only thing that should be heating up. Whether you are dating a new partner or are in a long-term relationship, the sunnier climate should give you an instant boost of energy and vitality that should be fully utilised in the bedroom. Here are 5 ways to ensure that July and August go with a sizzle for you and your partner:


1. Take a romantic trip

If past years are anything to go by, the British Summer is unpredictable, and chances are the days of long hot sun will be few and far between. Therefore, if you really want some well needed good weather in your life, book a flight out of the UK for you and your partner and get ready for some heated romance. The sun's rays give out out a good dose of natural vitamin C, which can instantly relieve stress, make you feel invigorated and give you more energy to explore all those new sex positions you've been wanting to try.


2. Have sex outdoors

Having sex outdoors can be a passionate and liberating experience. Not only will the feeling of being 'au natural' give you a thrilling sensation, but it is also likely to bring you and your partner closer together, as you explore new and exciting avenues in your sex life. The essential part to having sex outdoors is to find the perfect spot to do it. There are a number of laws surrounding this, so you want to ensure that you get maximum enjoyment, but without facing criminal prosecution! For more info on al-fresco sex, read our 'Guide to Summer Sex Outdoors'.


Having sex outdoors can be a passionate and liberating experience.

3. Get fit

According to Tina M. Penhollow, Ph.D., an associate professor of health promotion at Florida Atlantic University "Being physically active seems to be a potent aphrodisiac for women," This is not really that surprising, given that a good workout session generally leaves us feeling alive, invigorated and sexy! Having a leaner body will also naturally make you feel more confident and that means you are more likely to want to try out new things in the bedroom to show off your new physique to your partner.


4. Use a sex toy

If the thought of having sex outdoors doesn't really turn you on, then there are plenty of things you can try indoors that are equally as exciting. Sex toys, such as vibrators, intimate massagers and cock rings can all be used to heighten sensations during sex and help both partners to reach orgasm simultaneously. Talk to your partner about introducing a sex toy into the bedroom and see what they think? Chances are they will be over the moon with the idea and it could help to turn a real corner in your sex life.

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5. Try some new positions

All couples tend to have a repertoire of positions that they stick to and feel comfortable with. This Summer, however, it's time to come out of your comfort zone and try something new. Trying new positions can instantly spice up your sex life and add a new dimension to your relationship. From the Reverse Cowgirl to The Bunny Squat, there are a plenitude of creative sex positions to try, so don't waste any time. Clear your calendar for the next few months and get practising!