Have your partner playing from the palm of your hand...
Everyone has the ability to become a passionate lover for their partner, not just physically, but emotionally too. You’ve got to work at it, though; it’s not something that’s going to happen with minimal effort!


Women were sexually demanding and delightfully complex creatives long before the infamous character crept into the minds of millions of us around the world. In an age where safe sexual freedom is embraced within society, it’s a better time than ever to explore sex and learn to really satisfy your lover’s burning desires. Becoming the sexiest possible version of yourself for you partner is great fun for the both of you.


Exude confidence

To your lover, the most erotic thing you can show is confidence. Your partner will be much less impressed by money and material things than your self-assuredness, thought and effort.


Think about times when you’ve felt confident and take part in activities that develop this feeling. Remind yourself that your partner is attracted to you for a reason and go for it!


Remind yourself that your partner is attracted to you for a reason and go for it!

Listen up

Everyone needs to feel safe with and heard by a sexual partner, whether in a serious, long-term relationship or a new or casual one. Listening to your lover’s needs, in and out of the bedroom, and responding sensitively will make them feel at ease and secure enough to open up to you about how much or how little they want in terms of being dominated, sexually.


Give commands

A great place to start being dominant over your lover is by giving subtle commands and, if and when they are ready for you to up the ante, slowly building up to more forceful demands. There are many great sex games you can come up with Start small, for example, by telling your partner that you are going to kiss them wherever you want on their body, and they are not allowed to move a muscle. The ball is in your court, remember, so you’re free to come up with your own punishment if they disobey!


Switch positions

Reading sex stories or the Kama Sutra together is a great way to get the ball rolling in experimenting with dominating sex positions. Set aside an evening to share a bottle of wine on the sofa whilst pointing out the positions that excite you both the most. That way you’re both in a relaxed, comfortable environment and on a level-playing-field.


Learning what your partner wants is crucial to dominating them in-between the sheets. Ask them which of the positions they’d like you to dominate. Remember… the more fun they have when the two of you are trying them out, the more fun you will have.


Accept help

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is a great way of keeping things sexy and new for you both. Try gently grazing a vibrating massager over your lover’s sensitive parts, but make it clear that you are going to be in control of the device, first.


To make your domination even more intense for you both, use a cock ring during intercourse. For him, it will ensure his erection lasts longer, whilst for her it will heighten her stimulation – a win-win addition to the bedroom for you both.