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4 Ways To Introduce Sex Toys To The Bedroom With Your Partner
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Because adults deserve play dates too…
There are an increasing number of products on the market specifically crafted to be used by couples, together, to bring bliss to both their bodies.

Want to give things a bit of a boost in the boudoir? Then it’s time to get down to business with some buzziness! Experimenting with sex toys is one of the most instantly gratifying, most fun, and potentially most revelatory ways to spice up your relationship. Using a vibrator or massager can deliver fresh, exciting sensations; introduce new ways to reach orgasm; and make it easier to climax… for both men and women alike.


It’s often assumed that vibrators are only intended to thrill ladies. It’s true that some styles, such as the famous rabbit sex toy, are specially shaped to fit the female body, however, many other toys can easily be used to pleasure female and male partners, and there are an increasing number of products on the market specifically crafted to be used by couples, together, to bring bliss to both their bodies.


Check out our Beginners’ Guide To Sex Toys to find out about some of the main different types of devices, and suss out the basics of how they work and what they can be used for.


So you know what’s available, but you’re unsure on how to begin talking about trying sex toys with your lover? The following tips should help you bring up the topic, and give you some pointers on how to start talking about toys as a twosome.


A conversation starter

Try opening a discussion by mentioning that you watched a television programme where sex toys were part of the plot, or saw a new advert for Durex. We recently launched the world’s first ‘synchronised dual screen’ ad, which you can see HERE.


Getting your partner to have a go at this too could be a great way of kicking off a conversation under the guise of showing them some innovative, novelty new technology in action. The Explore Together app allows you to browse the full range of Durex sex toys, too, so your chat could easily lead on from “Have you seen how this cool advert works?” to “What do you think about trying one of these playthings for ourselves?”


A digital ice-breaker

If starting to talk about sex toys face-to-face makes you feel embarrassed, or you don’t want your partner to feel like you’ve put them on the spot, consider emailing them a link to a blog or article about vibrators online, and asking “What are your thoughts on this?” Or message them the address of to the website, and ask, “Fancy choosing a saucy treat from here to enjoy together this weekend?” You can then discuss things in more detail later, once you’ve broken the ice, and you lover has had time to mull things over and prepare for the conversation. Just one word of warning: don’t send cheeky links to their work address!


A reassuring nudge

If your other half feels too shy to pay for sexual products in public, mention when you’re at home together that from cock rings and ribbed condoms to massagers and vibrators everything ordered from the site is discreetly delivered in unmarked packaging – so if they did feel like giving a toy a go, you could both browse and buy in your own time together, without the blushes of feeling that others know what you’re up to.


A game with no rules

Have you seen #50GamesToPlay – Durex’s collection of fifty nifty, accessible, simple sex games designed to help you and your lover share your fantasies, discover imaginative ways to pleasure each other, and reinvigorate your private life? Some of them offer great methods to begin chatting about toys within a relaxed, laid back context. For example, “05: Word Association” involves choosing a sex-linked term that you and your partner both find arousing, then taking it in turns to suggest even more naughty words or phrases. Throwing in a line like “vibrations on my nipples” or “you teasing me with a toy” is a playful way to plant a seed of inspiration… Take a peek at to see the complete list of games.